Data Analysis

Data drove Choice Premiums’s Rebrand

To pace the growth of Choice Concepts, Choice Premiums needed a fresh approach. Recognizing the influence of Millennials and Gen Z, Choice Premiums decided to rebrand with these two demographics in mind. 

As the marketing coordinator, I led and managed the rebrand. To begin, I conducted research to either support or dismiss our theory that our clients sought out Millennials and Gen Z for their organizations. This included market research, client surveys, and analysis of past sales trends. I used quantitative data to 

Our findings not only confirmed Millennials and Gen Z as the desired target market, but Millennials are often the decision-makers for product purchases. The next step was three-tiered: What products most appeal to Millennials & Gen Z? What do organizations hope to achieve by attracting these two demographics?  How can we be the company that helps them accomplish this?

I organized several focus groups, where we discussed the value of attracting Millennials and Gen Z  as well as the challenges with doing so. I gathered feedback regarding the website redesign and insight as to what factors influence choosing a company for promotional products. I  also recruited participants to provide ongoing suggestions to keep us on track.  Within months of the rebrand, Choice Premiums experienced a 32% increase in sales, with 19% attributed to new clients. 

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