Product Marketing

Choice Concepts’s signature product, The Lineman Tumbler.

To revitalize sales, Choice Concepts needed a new product that appealed to electric coops. The product needed to be high quality and functional but also attractive and relevant. So we created the Lineman Tumbler. Comparable to other tumblers on the market like the Yeti, ours was easy to customize and came at a much lower price point.

As marketing coordinator, I chose the design, a simple lineman silhouette, and developed the marketing strategy for its launch.


The strategy focused on the impact of co-ops, operating as economic, social, and even cultural centers for rural communities. Lineworkers are a key component of this ecosystem, and the marketing had to reflect this. We began with an email series, introducing the product to our existing clients. The first email set the tone for the entire campaign: “Much like the tradesmen it represents, the Lineman Tumbler is bold and resilient.”

In addition to emails, we sent samples to preferred clients for testimonials, created whitepapers explaining the power of promotional drinkware, and even hosted a webinar gifting as a co-op marketing strategy (with the Lineman Tumbler as a featured product).

Within the first two months of our campaign, we earned over $35,00 in sales, and tumbler became our top-selling product for the next two years. We have since expanded to an entire collection that features the lineman silhouette. The tumbler, however, remains our signature product.