Data Management

The devil is in the details, and those details live in data. From mining to analysis, data is the heart of any story worth telling.



Media Relations

The Mediaâ„¢ gets a bad rep, but when it comes to cost, exposure & impact, nothing beats a well-timed press release. Effective media relations gets people buzzing.

Experiential Marketing

One of the best ways to be memorable is to create an experience that connects with your audience. Experiential marketing creates unforgettable moments that keep people engaged.

Product Marketing

Six years in the promotional products industry has taught me the dos and don’ts of product marketing. Fortunately, I retained the dos to bring a product from concept to actualization.

Copywriting & Editing

Need clean, engaging copy with a hint of optimism and a smidge of snark? I’m your gal! Also, if you need copy that fits any other style, genre, or mood, I got that covered too. Copywriting & editing is my jam.

Reputation Development

Reputation is everything. While it is hard to always get it right, transparency, accountability, & accessibility make positive reputation development possible. All tools in my arsenal.