Guerrilla Marketing

Promotional campaign for The Lost Keys Literary Festival

The Fringe Marketing Group. Picture of the Chameleon Village Theatre featuring CEO Noelle Brooks in front of a green screen, dressed in all black. The words, "The Lost Keys Festival Promotion 2015" up top.

What we had to do

To gain interest about a new festival, The Lost Keys Collective needed to create a standout campaign. 

The Lost Keys Festival needed a boost for its first year.  Given the limited budget and even more limited awareness, a guerrilla marketing campaign offered the needed impact.

How we did it

Our CEO, Noelle Brooks, formed a partnership with the Chameleon Village Theatre to create a month-long series or pop-ups.

The concept was to be like the witches from Macbeth, bringing a prophecy of a one-of-kind literary festival coming to Macon. The pop-ups occurred in high traffic areas in Macon, particularly downtown, every Friday.

The goal was to be seen, to be memorable, and of course, provide those interested with information about the festival. Not only did this help boost attendance, but it created a collaborative relationship with Chameleon Village Theatre that lasted beyond the project.